War Robots Progression & Monetization Teardown

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This report contains teardown of player progression in War Robots game


The report is based on game test data from two accounts:

Report contents

  • Game mechanics list
  • Player level and content pacing
  • Progress in battles, win rate, mode usage, damage rate
  • Progress in the leaderboard and leagues
  • Robots / Weapons / Titans / Drones progress and monetization analysis
  • Premium currency
  • Offers
  • Player purchases

Every section contains insights explaining player decision strategy and game balance


See examples below. You can also:

Mechanic list

List of battle mechanics with links to mechanic implementation video

Mechanic overview

Leagues mechanic overview

Progress analysis

Player level progress analysis

Monetization analysis

Player level mechanic monetization analysis

Premium currency flow

Minnow player premium currency spending

Analytics of in-app purchases

In-game shop prices analytics

Player purchases

Part of Whale player purchases table

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War Robots Progression & Monetization Teardown

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