Raid: Shadow Legends Progression Teardown

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This report contains teardown of player progression in Raid Shadow Legends game

  • Focus on the Meta: Card, equipment upgrades
  • All other vectors of meta-progression over time


The report is based on game test data from two accounts:

Report contents

  • Game mechanics list
  • Player level and power progress
  • Progress in battle modes:
    • Campaign
    • Dungeons
    • Faction Wars
    • Arena
    • Clan Boss
  • Hero collection progress
  • Hero upgrades progress
  • Artifact progress
  • Other mechanics progress

Each progress section contains mechanic overview, rewards analysis, progress teardown

+ insights explaining player decision strategy and game balance


See examples below. You can also:

Mechanic list

List of battle mechanics with links to mechanic implementation video

Mechanic more detailed overview

Campaign mechanic overview

Mechanic rewards analysis

Campaign battle rewards analysis

Progress analysis

Non-payer hero collection progress

Campaign stage progress analysis

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  • Size4.58 MB
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Raid: Shadow Legends Progression Teardown

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